Posted by: soraya nama tengahku | December 15, 2008

topik TA, datanglahhh..

kadang-kadang, even most of the time finding the right final project tittle can be super duper hard and confusing..

but thanks to mom and dad, i found mine..

so, i was sitting in a hair salon waiting room and there was this young couple having a conversation i kinda eavesdropped.. the girl was asking the boy if he wants to get a creambath also and the boys response was “im a boy, im not suppose to do such a girly thing..”

and that was my A-HA moment!!

jadilahhhh dan  datanglahhhh topik TA ku.. yg basically adalh consumer behavior laahh.. “the study of male customer’s perception and expectation towards hair salon”.. haha..

senang.. thanks God! semoga lancar..


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