Posted by: soraya nama tengahku | September 9, 2008

girls,this might be something you really want..

have you ever woke up late?? gotta be somewhere in another 30 minutes or less.. gotta rush yourself to the bathroom.. make some breakfast.. and OMG! you dont know what to wear??

well,,here’s something that might help you save the day..

this innovation is called the Virtual Mirror.. this is basically a magic fashion assistant! because this mirror can help you get dress.. it can reflects the image of clothes being wore by you without having you actually putting it on.. so it helps you decide what to wear,,what looks good on you,,or simply what is you color for today?? however,,this mirror might cost you a fortune on the first time it is launched,,so it will be use at fashion store first before arriving at our own closet!! well,,for those who are lucky enough,,it might arrive soon..

ps. “daddy,,i want one too!!”


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