Posted by: soraya nama tengahku | August 29, 2008

define this word: “creativity”..

in my opinioin,,

crativity can be define as a new idea or a new prespective which is unique and different from most ideas or prespectives.. it usually a break-trough kind of action or things!.. it can be a new way of seeing something, using something, or creating something.. it can also in a form of art, tools, thought, decision, style, bla bla bla, but it basically anything! creativity can come up from anyone’s thougt any where,,any time.. sometimes you need to think hard to get it but sometimes it just pop out of your mind in an instant.. people say that the level of creativity on every person is different,,some got more when they are under pressure while some cannot even come up with anything when they are under pressure.. and because it is creative, i dont think there is an exact way to describe this word.. coz its different for everyone and its a form of freedom to act, create, think, to live!

so,,why do we have to be creative? i think because in order to improve something and get a better result we have to keep figuring out what to do next and how to solve it if there is any problem.. and by beeing creative we can come up with ideas and innovation which can lead us to improvement.. it is not just applied to the industrial or business world but also in life itself..



  1. …can lead us to improvement…
    that is the goal of creativity.

    i wait for your next posting.

    agus Ngger

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