Posted by: soraya nama tengahku | August 28, 2008

5.50 pm

so,,here is my very first blog.. i got the blog’s name from the candy that i’m eating right now which is “sugus rasa mint”.. haha.. coz i like green,,i kinda like the name “sugus rasa mint”! somehow it gives me the impression of something blue&green-ish..

hmm,,this blog will contain my random thoughts and yeahhh some school-related stuff too! my lecturer actually is the one who got me started on doing this.. i have a blog before but i havent touch it in like forever! so..coz im taking a creativity and innovation class and he gives us assigntment which should be answered on our blog.. i guess its just his way of being creative! i mean,,who would ever thought that assignments or quizzes will be answered on a form of a blog-writting! haha.. way to go for the creative idea!

so yeahhh..enjoy the blog.. *ihopeyouwill*..send me comments.. and welcome! haha..



i am really addicted to SUGUS RASA MINT!! keep wanting more n more.. lol!


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